• Humanitarian emergencies

    The great majority of victims of conflict are civilians.

    It is estimated that only in the last 12 years have killed more than 1 million in the world following a sudden or protracted humanitarian crises.

  • Humanitarian emergencies

    The effects of climate change, natural disasters, the increased economic and financial crisis and the escalating of conflicts, dramatically increase humanitarian aid needs.

    Our company offers immediate and effective solutions in accordance with the regulations currently in force, the need that emergency require.

  • Continuity of service

    The operating theater is an environment with climate controlled contamination, medical gas delivery system, the scialytic lamp, electromedical devices and surgical instruments.

    Attached to the operating theater there is a preoperative area, where can be deposited the necessary interventions materials, the personnel preparation and patients awakening/ preparation .

  • Continuity of service

    The operating room is often part of a larger complex environments, called the surgical block, in which local area are suitable that the financial year of all health related activities.

    The above we can achieve even in areas distant from the segment to be restored and therefore not at risk of contamination with the same standards of accreditation of operating blocks "ordinary."

Emergency solutions, provides mobile field hospitals, able to meet all population needs, while hospital is being restructured as well as for public and humanitarian emergencies.

First aid

The handling of medical emergencies is one of the most difficult aspects in managing a disaster, because the authorities have to be able to offer an immediate response to provide relief to as many people as possible. Our company, in response to the disastrous earthquake in Chile, has supplied post-earthquake emergency ... continua

Benefits of our solution

Most remodeling work in hospitals or other medical facilities requests the continuity of surgical activities, maintaining at least a part of the operating room operational. Generally this is an inconvenience and furthermore, a risk to both health professionals and their patients, with significant increases in costs and... continua

Services and economic advan...

Design:Handled internally by our technical design, we can offer custom designs in a very short time according to customers' requests.Advice:We can support our customers to evaluate the effectiveness of the solution by analyzing the cost impact and finding alternative solutions for the mobile sanitary mo... continua

To engineer and manufacture furnished sanitary modules, ready to be installed with short notice and suitable to momentarily supply the needs of a hospital.

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