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Benefits of our solution

Most remodeling work in hospitals or other medical facilities requests the continuity of surgical activities, maintaining at least a part of the operating room operational. Generally this is an inconvenience and furthermore, a risk to both health professionals and their patients, with significant increases in costs and lead times.

To maintain the performance and contemporary surgical activity and construction work, the two environments should be totally independent, and this forces us to isolate the electrical net, hydraulics distribution, air treatment as well as medical gases to create completely independent access.

In the area of health activities, it is important to ensure access for staff and patients, trying to maintain the necessary separation of dirty / clean, while the construction site must provide access to materials and workers. In particular, the access of materials is certainly the most demanding, often forcing the construction of exterior scaffolding for the use of elevators.

As for the air conditioning, there is a risk of not being able to achieve a perfect separation, maintaining a connection between the construction and the other parts: this situation can cause infections both in surgical injuries as well as by a patient breathing in the infected air. The difficulty of achieving a complete separation of the two environments, with particular emphasis on the ceiling, and the impossibility to apply scientific methods to control the separation, constitute an even greater risk of contamination.

The innovative solution of temporary mobile operating rooms resolves all the problems of the classical subdivision employed during restructuring.

Quick installation allows to fully continue the surgical activity without any problems and saves costs and time on the site.
The mobile operating room units, equipped with a system of air conditioning that controls contamination through the use of HEPA filters, is fully independent from the hospital conditioning system.
Operating rooms only require supply of electricity and medical gases.
Mobile medical units follow the conditions required for accreditation for surgical activity without forcing anyone to compromise.