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Light alloy shelter

Shelters are structures made ​​by light alloy and generally match the dimensions and performance required by major regulations of interest: ACE, ISO, NATO, UEO. Because of the special construction technique by which the shelters are built, we can easily create non-standard performancies on customers' requests. The shelters can be equipped with doors, windows, patch panels, internal separations.

They distinguish themselves thorugh their reduced weight in respect to their usable space, although they count with the appropriate structure to withstand the most severe operating conditions, whether they be mechanical and environmental. The facilities of the shelters can be implemented with armored kits EMI and RFI, which make them particularly suitable for complex scenarios such as the central command for Armed Forces, facilities or applications such as radar or the last place piloting unmanned aircraft, known as drones.

The shelters can be constructed using mixed materials (stainless / aluminum) designed to meet specific requirements of customers wanting to combine the best qualities of the structure, resistant and light. Generally these types of shelters are made by a frame, made of welded stainless steel tubes, and sandwich panels with the same characteristics as the ones entirely constructed of aluminum as mentioned above. This type of construction is particularly suitable for the creation of shelters expandable by 2 o 3 volumes.

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