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Realizable solutions

The TOP creation consists of 3 modules mounted side by side (3V) which provide a useful internal area with 41 square meters and a height of270 cm. The central module includes all parts for the unit. The air treatment system includes HEPA filters to ensure a total of 15 highly efficient and reliable air changes per hour. The air diffusers in the sterile unit are made of washable and disinfectable fabric. The short distance between the fans and the integrated diffusers avoids long channel routes that facilitate the appearance of bacteria. The medical gas system is very complete and represents the frame for the reduction of the first and second level. The electrical construction works under a UPS insulation transformer. Integrated into the operating room ceiling is a modern scialytic lamp, while the remaining parts of medical equipment can be supplied on special request.
The Mobile Unit (Equipped) Operating Room has been created by following Presidential Decree No. 4 of 14.01.1997 on the minimum requirements for the authorization and accreditation, and "Guidelines on the standards for safety and hygiene in the surgery department" by the ISPESL-Collage for Prevention and Safety at Work (December 2009 version).

Operating room
First Aid
Intensive Care
Laboratory analysis
Dialysis Unit
Infectious hospitalization

Up to 41 square meters in the configuration with 3 modules coupled with 270cm standard height for the containment of transport costs.
Air treatment plant with absolute filters that guarantees 15/20 Spare Parts / Hour.
Air deflectors made of washable and sterilizable fabric or laminar flow if required.
Electrical system with isolation transformer and UPS minimum 2 hours autonomy.
Medical Gas Plant with double reduction panel on board the oxygen generator on request.