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Services and economic advantages

Handled internally by our technical design, we can offer custom designs in a very short time according to customers' requests.

We can support our customers to evaluate the effectiveness of the solution by analyzing the cost impact and finding alternative solutions for the mobile sanitary modules.

Financing the investment:
Through special buying arrangements, includingrenting or purchase (cost per procedure (CPP)), customers can have access to the economic action of permitted expenses for supplies and valuable services below the EU limit, with the EU limit being €193,000 for supplies and services contracts and € 4,845,000 for construction contracts.
The reimbursement that amounts for about 5 or 6 operations per month covers the full costs of the monthly rental for the operating room. Avoid interruption of providing service to your patients as well as problems arising from delays in renovation work.
These factors justify the motives for what can be qualified for an important saving of more than 50% of the cost of an intervention, by using our mobile medical units.