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Humanitarian Emergencies

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With the flexibility of the living module you can create any kind of solution

Humanitarian Emergencies

Civilian Victims

The vast majority of victims of conflicts are civilians
First Aid

Humanitarian Emergencies

The vast majority of victims of conflicts is composed of civilians. It is estimated that only in the last 12 years have died more than 1 million people in the world due to sudden humanitarian crises

Health Emergencies

The effects of climate change, natural disasters, the increasing economic and financial crisis and the escalation of conflicts increases significantly the need for humanitarian aid.

Continuity of service

The operating room is air conditioned controlled contamination, medical gas delivery system, medical devices and scialytic surgical instruments.

The mobile expandable unit, from 1 to 3 volumes, can be used to complete a full operating room 3V

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Medical relief organization is one of the most complex aspects in the management of a catastrophe, because the structures must ensure, from early, rapid response in order to provide aid to as many people as possible.<br><br>Our company, during the disastrous earthquake in Chile, has provided the emergency post earthquake a full field hospital from 60 beds capable of over 350 posts/month, thanks to the intervention of the Italian civil protection and dell'afmal.<br><br>All medical forms are made in shelter standards of easy handling and transport.

Most of the renovations regarding operating blocks requires continuity of surgical activity, keeping a portion of operating theatres.<br><br>Generally this is an inconvenience and a risk to both health professionals and patients, with significant increases in costs and time to market.<br><br>To maintain the call simultaneously surgical activity and construction work, the two environments must be totally independent and this forces us to dissect the electrical, plumbing, air treatment and medical gases<br>and in addition it is necessary to realize ...

Managing internally through our Engineering Department can design custom configurations in a very short time.<br><br>Advice: we can support our customers to evaluate the effectiveness of the solution by analyzing the cost impact of alternatives to mobile healthcare modules.<br><br>The investment may be made in the forms of property purchase, rent, lease or finance with ransom option in properties, or according to the system of Cost Per procedure (CPP).