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Our history

Emergency Solutions was established from two leading companies:

MMH - Mobile Modular Hospitals that was established in 2004 from the experience gained in the industry by SWISEL Italian S.p.A.
SWISEL Italiana has been functioning since 1974 as a manufacturer that produces precision electromechanical high-tech. Since 1980, SWISEL Italiana has been developing and producing modules and setting up shelters for a variety of civil and military applications.
The shelters can be defined as mobile units suitable for installation and protection of equipment with high technological content and well suited for use in the field by institutional, military, civilian, humanitarian, health and other types of organizations.
The advantages offered by the shelters as opposed to conventional mobile units such as tents, prefabricated buildings, mobile homes, caravans, etc. include a more reliable protection of the equipment, superior mechanical performance, ease of handling and deployment in the field, a longer operating life, reduced weight compared to the volume used, higher performance even in the most severe weather conditions and effective shielding against electromagnetic interference. From experience acquired in the military sector came to life the first idea of ​​mobile field hospitals made by MMH.

Fast Aid System

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Wall and floor coverings

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