Information flows and construction processes completely under control.


Different and specific health preparations for any medical-health need.

Pre-equipped shelters

Lightweight (30kg), it can be moved and assembled with a single operator, rechargeable batteries.

LED light tower

Unique curtains or modular elements connected together in every direction for even complex configurations.


In evidence

  • First aid

    The handling of medical emergencies is one of the most difficult aspects in managing a disaster, because the...

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  • Fast Aid System

    Self-sufficient first aid for medical emergencies in critical situations Fast Aid is a completely autonomous modular...

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new magnetic resonance Siena Hospital

In January 2020 the managers of the Siena hospital and the president of the Tuscany Region inaugurated the new nuclear magnetic resonance imaging in a prefabricated building provided by Emergency Solutions. The new 1.5 Tesla MR tomograph replaces an obsolete device that was discontinued in October 2018. Acquired in December 2018 and installed in August 2019, the device is already operational within the Department of Neurological and Motor Sciences.

The tomograph was installed in a prefabricated building, complying with all current regulations, quickly assembled in 10 days by Emergency Solutions in the spaces adjacent to the 4S floor of lot 2 of the "Santa Maria alle Scotte" polyclinic and is connected to the Neuroimimages UOC (Diagnostic Neuroradiology and Functional) of the hospital. Its high sensitivity will allow the best identification of pathologies, with a significant clinical-diagnostic advantage.

Rassegna stampa [link esterni]

AUS Senese - Presentato sequenziatore genomico e inaugurata la nuova risonanza magnetica

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