Emergency Solutions: First aid

The handling of medical emergencies is one of the most difficult aspects in managing a disaster, because the authorities have to be able to offer an immediate response to provide relief to as many people as possible.
Our company, in response to the disastrous earthquake in Chile, has supplied post-earthquake emergency care by providing a total of 60 hospital beds for 350 surgical operations per month, thanks to the intervention of the Italian Civil Protection and dell'AFMAL.

How we work:
All medical modules are made ​​with standard shelters, easy to handle and transport. The high technology which they are made of, allows one single worker to ​​quickly open the three volumes shelter and immediately have more than 30 square meters available, ready to be used for health care activities

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Emergency Solutions, provides modular mobile hospitals, capable of responding to the needs of hospital restructuring and in health and humanitarian emergencies.