Emergency Solutions promote Baselight 420X, the next generation truly mobile LED light tower that will bring a massive change in the way of working with temporary light. It has been developed from the ground up with extensive input from professionals in the rental and rescue industry over several years. Now it is ready for new challenges where performance, economy and agility matters.
Emergency Solutions makes the new Baselight technology available to the public, even for outdoor events and parties, where lighting can become a major problem. Thanks to the rental of the LED light tower you can light up your outdoor spaces in just a few minutes and leave space for fun. (Call for more info)

• Wind resistance up to 20 m / s without support
• Specific light output 60,000 lumens
• Ambient temperature from -50 to + 50 degrees C
• Voltage from 90 to 305 VAC / 50hz
• CEE or Schuko power connector
• Color temperature 6000 Kelvin
• Energy consumption from 15 to 420 Watts (adjustable)
• IP 67 classification
• Weight 35 kg (77lb)
• Fully extended height 4.5 meters (15 feet)
• Transport dimensions 1200mm x 300mm
• 10-year guarantee on LEDs, 3 years on mechanics
• Approved CE certification



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