Shelters sanitari preallestitiPre-equipped sanitary modules in shelters: modules ready for transport and commissioning.
We can create any type of healthcare setting, the modules travel with all the equipment necessary on board, to make sure they are ready to be employed as soon as they arrive at their destination, thereby also optimizing the transportation costs.

Find some examples below:
First Aid
Operating Room
Plaster Room
Preparation for Surgeons
Intensive Care Unit
Computerized axial tomography
Analysis Laboratory
NBC Decontamination

Emergency Solutions, fornisce ospedali mobili modulari, in grado di rispondere ad esigenze di ristrutturazione dell'ospedale e in caso di emergenze sanitarie ed umanitarie.
Emergency Solutions supplies modular mobile hospitals, capable of responding to hospital restructuring needs and in the event of health and humanitarian emergencies.
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