Container shelterizzati 

Containers are made by stainless steel structures that generally respond to typical dimensions shown on the ISO standards, but may be customized for specific customer requests. Usually the containers are made by posts and rails of sheet and tubular steel with high tensile strength, the side walls of corrugated steel sheet are vertically stamped plate roof and arched steel, Corten or equivalent, double door are located on the short side.

They can be insulated by sandwich panels composed of two layers of external and pre-painted galvanized steel sheet of 50 mm thickness (a particular application of the coating on the inside can also be made by stainless steel).

Over the years we have also created many sheltered interior systems such as kitchens, laundries, anti-contamination showers, command posts etc.

Emergency Solutions, fornisce ospedali mobili modulari, in grado di rispondere ad esigenze di ristrutturazione dell'ospedale e in caso di emergenze sanitarie ed umanitarie.
Emergency Solutions supplies modular mobile hospitals, capable of responding to hospital restructuring needs and in the event of health and humanitarian emergencies.
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