Automatic lifting system

Automatic lifting systems for ISO shipping containers are electromechanical systems applicable to ISO corners in general. All structures containers or shelters that are equipped with corner blocks, allow both lifting and leveling.

They can be transported separately or folded and mounted on the short side of the container without exceeding the maximum overall dimensions for road transport without restrictions. they are composed of four extension columns with a motor, rack, and irreversible reducer. These devices are used for unloading and loading from the bed of trucks without the aid of a CRANE. Assembly is carried out with only two operators, and a single operator for handling.

Automatic lifters are useful whenever it is necessary to unload containers and position equipped modules, especially in emergencies following a catastrophe, for transport solutions for containerized materials of the Army, Air Force, and Navy, for rescue services technicians, for international assistance in the event of humanitarian crises or wars.

The gear reducer, with a high reduction ratio, allows minimal engine effort. The lifting elements in combination with the shelter form an extremely stable and robust configuration. Largely sized support plates allow the device to be used outdoors and on uneven surfaces.

The jacks controlled by a remote control can raise or lower simultaneously or individually to level the Shelter/container, they are removable and can be easily placed in a separate transport crate.

The main performance characteristics are:
• System lifting capacity: 10t (other capacities achievable on specification 15t and 20t)
• Lifting capacity of the single lift: 5t
• Useful lifting stroke: 1750 mm
• No export authorization is required by the Italian government.

Automatic Container's Lifting System

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