Iso corner lifting system

Manual lifting systems for ISO containers are systems applicable to ISO corners that allow both the lifting and leveling of container and shelter modules up to 10t (15t and 20t on request).

They can be transported separately or attached to the container folded on the short side so as not to exceed the dimensions permitted on the road.

These devices can be used for shelters or containers that need to be maneuvered quickly and economically from the loading bed of trucks to the ground and vice versa where a crane is not available. Our experience does not reveal any operating anomalies, even after decades of non-use. The lifting function, thanks to the high reduction ratio of the gears and the solidarity bar placed on the short side of the container, can be carried out with the help of just two operators, manually and without the need for special tools.

The lifters for containers, and shelters, make their effectiveness evident whenever it is necessary to position pre-fitted modules, especially in extreme emergencies. For example in a catastrophe, for transport solutions for the Armed Forces, for technical rescue services, for international assistance in the event of humanitarian crises, and so on.

The construction guarantees easy handling and lightness, ease of operation, and minimal maintenance. The lifting elements in combination with the module form an extremely stable and robust configuration. Largely sized support plates allow the device to be used outdoors and on uneven surfaces.

Each jack can be operated individually to level the module. The lifting devices are removable and can also be easily stored separately.

The main performance characteristics are:

System lifting capacity: 10t (other capacities achievable on specification 15t 20t)
Single lift lifting capacity: 5t
Useful lifting stroke: 1750 mm
No export authorization is required by the Italian government.

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